ClearFeet AF Nail Fungus Treatment Review

ClearFeet AF Nail Fungus Treatment is a three-in-one nail remedy for fungal nail infection and consists of a non-toxic clinically tested, patented, bio-active serum for the treatment of this unsightly condition.

How Does ClearFeet Work

ClearFeet’s formulation rapidly stops the development and spread of the fungus responsible for the fungal nail condition. It penetrates into the nail and normalises its structure, regenerating and protecting the nail in the future to prevent further outbreaks.

The creation of a protective barrier helps avoid the spread of nail fungus to other areas.

  • The brush-on applicator helps to destroy the infection with a simple, fast and effective solution.
  • ClearFeet AF Nail Fungus solution also includes ten nail files to stimulate its effectiveness and a treatment table which you need to read carefully and follow the directions contained in the booklet provided.
  • ClearFeet is clinically tested and has proven efficacy against the virus that causes nail fungal infections. With regular use results are visible within weeks or months

How To Apply ClearFeet

  1. Before use, remove nail polish and / or clean nails. The product is for use on either toe nails or finger nails only.
  2. Apply twice a day on affected nails for a minimum period of 4 weeks.
  3. Leave on to dry for 2 minutes
  4. Once a week carefully file the affected nails with the accompanying nail files.
  5. Use 1 nail file per nail and only once to prevent spread of infection.

Does ClearFeet Cause Side Effects

Unlikley to cause any side effects if used as suggested in the documentation

Does ClearFeet Work – Is It Recommended

Is proven to be effective but only on very mild cases of nail fungus

Where To Buy Clearfeet AF Nail Fungus Treatment

Can be purchased from authorised online distributor Express Chemist costing around £13 for one bottle which should last a month

Alternative Nail Fungus Treatment

ZetaClear is both a Homeopathic approved and an FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) Registered treatment for Nail Fungus.

The success rate for suffers is high and there are no know side effects or other health issues that could arise if taken as suggested.

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